Game Machina – Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Part 2 DLC and Customisation

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Part 2: DLC and Customisation

Tekken Tag 2 had a good deal of free DLC shortly after release including characters, stages and the bikini sets. Later on paid DLC was added in the form of the soundtracks and movies from the previous Tekken titles. The soundtracks could be used for Tekken Tunes this was a good idea to some extent. But not really DLC that can bring in a lot of money since all the movies and soundtracks are easily accessible online through sites like Youtube which would have hurt potential sales. I think one of the let downs with Tekken Tag 2 is that this was the extent of the DLC maybe it was due to insufficient sales of that DLC that we didn’t get more, maybe it was the change of focus over to Tekken Card Tournament and then Tekken Revolution which has left the Tekken Tag 2 DLC rather lacking. Many players were hoping to have the option of obtaining additional costumes such as costumes from previous Tekkens especially as customisable items. It is a great shame that it didn’t happen because like many people I’m sure I was really looking forward to that prospect and would have gladly paid to have the costumes. The chances of future DLC for Tekken Tag 2 looks unlikely since focus has once again shifted to Tekken 7 and Tekken X Streetfighter.

I believe a good supply of reasonably priced DLC costumes could have helped bring in enough money to help cover the costs of maintaining the now dead World Tekken Federation.

I still think there’s potential in selling DLC custom items and other non gameplay related content. Using a model similar to the one Soul Calibur V had at one point or the one Dead or Alive uses now with a variety of costumes/items available for purchase, premium kind of stuff.

The obvious one for Tekken Tag 2 is the one I mentioned above the addition of costumes from Tekkens past. Everything from Nina’s Tekken 1 2p outfit to Anna’s famous Zebra/Tiger costume right up to the 2p costumes from Tekken 6. The ability to customise these as individual items would greatly increase their value. They could be sold in individual packs like Nina Tekken 1 Costume 1 Pack which would include all the pieces to make that outfit. Additionally they could be sold in packs organised either by character or game. Other options could be standard costume item packs a sort of set of additional generic items for various characters or some of the custom items from the previous Tekkens like Paul’s Skyscraper. Cross over DLC are another option in the same way SCV had Tekken costumes Tekken Tag 2 could have SC items just think Kunimitsu with a Taki costume, Law with Maxis, Marduk with Astaroth, Kazuya with Mitsurugi, Anna with Ivy (not sure who would get Voldo’s).

The addition of additional items like new character panels, Auras,decals, avatars and themes are additional things that could be sold as DLC.


  • I’m going to throw in some ideas for expanding the customisation system outside of DLC costumes.
  • More basic items adding items like the Kung fu shirt and pants to Wang, Samurai bottom to Kuni, Trooper hat for Dragunov (those fur ones with side parts), more masks for Kuni and Yoshi.
  • Removal of premade decals from various costumes from what I can see most of those decals already exist within the Decal system but to remove them requires using the decals which uses up a valuable slot.
  • Splitting of top and bottom items into respective parts (arms/torso and bottoms and feet) this may have been made that way because of performance or engine limitations if that is true ignore this one.
  • An alternative to the above option is the possibility of moving certain pieces over to the Upper or Lower Body slots, for things like Jackets, Bracelets, knee pads and so on.
  • Adding the transformation effect items to the store, like the bunny mask that you get when zapped by the wand, the assets are there why not reuse them?

Decals: The decal system is great system that helped make up for some of the limitations of the TT2 customisation compared to that of Tekken 6, it opened up a lot of options for customisation and some interesting costumes and interesting effects. With a few small changes I think the decal system could be taken to a whole nother level.

  • Adding a Z slider for Decal movement, this would greatly improve the decal system making it easier to place decals and limiting texture tearing.
  • Add another slot for both decal editor and the equip, 1 more slot would make a big difference.
  • Use the same colour option as the items, using current and saved colours in particular would make things easier.
  • Free draw the ability to actually just paint the decal, alternatively the ability to put more than one decal on the same layer
  • Alphabet and Numerical decals again would make things much easier.
  • Patterns the addition of decals like tiger print or various fabric prints from various cultures
  • Tiling this is a big one, the ability to have the decals tiling when placing them on the character and setting the size at which they tile, this would open up the decal system into a potential pattern system.
  • Add decals to Banners, Hats and Masks, for the mask the addition of a sort of blank mask for Kuni, Yoshi would be great.

Obviously I’ve been thinking about Customisation a lot. Part 3 will cover a way to use the customisation to help maintain an online presence.

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