Game Machina – Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Part 3 Revolution

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Part 3:Revolution

Along side Tekken Tag 2 I’ve also been playing some Tekken Revolution, Soul Calibur Lost Swords and DOA 5 Ultimate.
3 different approaches to the free to play model for fighting games each of them I think has an interesting idea.
I think some of the ideas born out of these free to play games could help Tekken Tag 2.

One of the things I think that could help maintain Tekken Tag 2’s life span and help keep an online community is the addition of a couple elements from the free to play model.

The first is the use of log in bonuses, why not reward the player for firing up the game with a little randomised goodness.
Logging on (maybe by accessing the online menu) could net the player a potential reward like Fight money or a new item, aura or decal.
This could be an alternative way to introduce the basic items I mentioned in part 2.

The creation of a secondary in game currency like the Gift Points system could be used to unlock special content.
Online Pair Play could earn something like Friend Points or a point bonus.

The second part is the use of Festivals to provide extra incentive for players to log on and play with other players online, bonus rewards for certain periods of time.

I’m going to squeeze in Part 4 here.


One of the things Tekken has traditionally lacked and has likely hurt the game when trying to win over newer players.
Fight Lab covers some basic concepts but is a bit lacking on more advanced mechanics and features of the game.
A Command Training feature is a good start, to allow new players to run through and practice a character’s move list.

Something like Virtua Fighter 4’s tutorial mode would be a very useful feature to add, teaching the players everything from beginner concepts to the advanced ones with feedback to help a player understand them better.
Like if the player is having trouble executing a particular move the game can give them advice on input and timing.
Alternatively the inclusion of some training videos in the theatre mode would be a good alternative to a full tutorial mode.

These are the general ideas I had, without getting too far into specific characters which I might cover another time.

I thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope I raised some good points and ideas.


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