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Finding my niche

I started this bloggy thing as a way to channel my energies towards something, I just wasn’t sure what.

Then while in the shower I had one of those thoughts that can only really occur while taking a shower.
Over the last few weeks I had been getting back into an old passion of mine fighting games, Tekken in particular.
The frustration and restless boredom has been for the most part alleviated as once again I’ve thrown myself into the world of punishers, throw escapes and frame data.
I didn’t realise how much I had missed it over the last few years so while in the shower this blog came to mind and finally I had a subject to blog about and one I know and love.

So I’m going to start a blog on fighting games,sharing what I love about them, what I hate and what I want from them.

The first game I want to cover will be Tekken Tag 2 which I’ll discuss a few thoughts I’ve had of the game in the last few weeks now that the game is hitting it’s 3rd birthday (2nd for consoles).



First Post and introduction of sorts

Not sure how much I’ll use this page, but for now I’ll use it as a way for me to discuss some of the things I’m interested in without inundating my facebook wall with stuff the majority of my friends list have no interest in.

Gaming communities have become so segregated it can be hard to find many people with overlapping interests if you’re not part of the main stream.
So even if you have gaming friends there’s no guarantee that they’ll get or care about the games that you like.
A Call of Duty fan will probably not care about Pokemon or a Pokemon fan might not care about RTS games or Fighting games.

As for me I’m what I think of an old school gamer for the SNES was the best generation and while that doesn’t exclude me from liking newer stuff I do find that as time goes by I find fewer games interesting this parallels music for me in many regards where I share similar thoughts.

I love fighting games, RPGs (mostly JRPGs), some RTS games, platformers and puzzle games.

I’m usually working on various projects, most don’t get past the early concept stage but that’s ok sometimes it’s fun to riff on ideas and see what comes about.
Later on you can always take the parts that work and use them for something else.
My latest project I’m keeping close to my chest for now, since I really want to get further than the concept stage I want to avoid my usual habits and not reveal anything too early.
But I’ll probably leak a bit of information on here every so often.
I’ll say this much it involves cards.